Photography and rock music. Together through life?

“It’s night time in the Big City
A man regrets using a gas station restroom
birds are still a couple hours away from getting the worm”

(Theme Time Radio Hour: Sleep)

Bob Dylan "Together Through Life" album art

Together Through Life; Image (c) Bruce Davidson

…and so it is at 2.00am that the mind starts to wander and reflect (yet again) on the way in which rock music uses photography to enhance/embellish artistic intent. Consider if you will Bob Dylan’s latest masterpiece, “Together Through Life”, and the use of work by two Magnum photographers, Bruce Davidson and Josef Koudelka on the sleeve art.  The front cover shot taken by Davidson depicts young delinquent lovers on the back seat of an automobile; an image from his 1959 collection Brooklyn Gang, whilst the back cover depicts a group of Romanian gypsy musicians, taken in 1968 by Koudelka. The typeface redolent of FD Roosevelt’s 1936 New Deal Works Programme.

Perhaps its a sign of these recessionary times: maybe it’s because “Beyond Here Lies Nothing”: Whatever, some forty years on these images still have the power to move, and retain a timeless quality, as does Dylan’s latest work. Together through life indeed…


USA Work Program WPA (Unknown artist) 1936 (c) US Government. National Archives

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