Modern Times

Ted Croner was one of a number of photographers from the New York School which included such luminaries as Weegee, Richard Avedon, and  Lisette Model. His night time images of New York, using only available light, are full of atmosphere despite being almost entirely devoid of people. Human presence is implicit in lit buildings and traffic in motion. 

“…. Croner followed the New York School’s practice of first undertaking a dry run…while leaving his camera at home. Having found the angles and images he sought, Croner returned to capture his version of activity in the curiously frozen moments allowed by the camera, but already with his own hallmark of incorporating movement.

In perhaps Croner’s most well-known image (below), a taxi swooping along Times Square , there is little but the horizontal blur of the passing vehicle against a cinematic backdrop of lit buildings straight out of Fritz Lang“. (Amanda Hopkinson)


Taxi, New York Night (c) Ted Croner (1949)

This the photograph that adorns the cover of Bob Dylan’s 2006 album “Modern Times“. (Another) timeless image to accompany the frozen moments of Dylan’s songs.

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