What’s all this about the Black Cabs?

When the Death Star comes, (as it must) to destroy all that is rank and fetid in the world of music, there will be survivors…

…not the preening, self absorbed bastard offspring of reality TV and the tyranny that is the  “X Chromosome (sic) Factor”…, but those that had the foresight and inclination to drink deeply from the wellspring of rock history.


As the last embers of 2009 faded into nothingness, crawling from the Farlington Delta came the Black Cabs….swamp rats all, worshippers of the the twin Gods of Marshall and Fender, and possessed with self belief, attitude and a swagger fuelled by cheap vodka, coca cola and Ribena. Some earn their stripes at the Wedgewood Rooms, others at The Brook, whilst others ventured further afield to the Brixton Academy, the 100 Club, or (God forbid) Dingwalls. Not for “The Cabs” however….no such tried and tested routes for them…rather the rock and roll Valhalla that is “The Hut”….

Dan "Haribo" Soirez

If you were there on 30 December 2009, then you will be able to tell your grandchildren that yes, you saw the Black Cabs as they embarked on their plan of world domination….

You dear reader will know that history plays tricks on memory….there are thousands nationwide who lay claim to having seen the Sex Pistols on their first tour…and yet we know that they are lying….

The same will be said of those who later claim to have seen the Black Cabs at “The Hut”…liars all if they cannot describe the bar facilities….

"Rich" & "Tom"

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