Jason Donovan and SKWID…such unlikely bedfellows…

So…like many volunteers before, I have partaken of the SKWID…and it was good.

“Skills For Working in Development”, the final piece of training at Harborne Hall, VSO’s training centre in Birmingham. SKWID focuses on the skills of facilitation, negotiation and planning, and how to apply them on your placement. Some 6 weeks to go now before flying to Nepal, and there’s nothing like a role-play trying to negotiate with someone who doesn’t share your language and culture for reminding me (and the other participants) of the challenges ahead!

To all the participants and trainers over the past weekend:-thanks for everything, and good luck on your respective journeys.

And Jason Donovan? Well, suffice to say, his presence, albeit metaphorical, was of great benefit to the rest of us. However those of you drawn to this site by the mention of Jason’s name in the title of this post will sadly be disappointed. The “code” of the SKWID demands that my lips are sealed…

And so instead… a line or two from one of Jason’s songs, which hopefully will inspire you…!

“May I return, to the beginning
The light is dimming, and the dream is too.
The world and I, we are still waiting
Still hesitating, any dream will do”.

Oh…and just to maintain the photography theme of this blog…it snowed.


Snow at Harborne Hall,Birmingham: John Callaway (2010)

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