Fragments of beauty

This is not the first time that William Eggleston has received a mention in this blog. Perhaps not surprising given the view held by many,myself included, that Eggleston is one of the most influential photographers of the last half-century. “Eggleston’s everyday view of things, initially dismissed by critics in the mid-Seventies, is now the prevalent aesthetic”. (Sean O’Hagan: 2004). Seemingly inconsequential subject matter is elevated to a thing of beauty by his use of light.

Such commonplace objects offer safety and security. In a bid to get one of my last culture “fixes” before leaving the UK, my visit to an exhibition of Eggleston’s work at the Victoria Miro Gallery a week or so ago offered a reminder of the need to look beyond initial impressions:- a useful thought to hold on to as my departure to Nepal becomes ever closer….

Untitled (Door, White & Black Tile, Paramount Lot): (c) William Eggleston. (2000)

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