Rock music may not save the world…but it sure can help…

There’s a Guns & Roses video which was done for Terminator 2.  At the end of the video , Arnie , looking for his target locks onto Axl Rose, before deciding he’s a “waste of ammo”. (Go on, you know you want to check out the video !!!! )

So what, you ask…. Well here’s the thing…despite your views of the music world, and for that matter Guns & Roses, (and for the record, having seen them live in their heyday, I rate them), there are bands for whom “waste of ammo” clearly does not apply.

A big thanks to Beanward, The Rivers Of Sound , The Black Cabs, The Rifle Club , Nevada Music and of course everyone who came. Thanks to you all, the gig was a great success, and raised £230 for  VSO. Check here to see for yourself, and to see how VSO will use the money.

No headline act here as they all deserve equal billing for being there, but a brief reminder of the running order…

First up acoustic duo, Beanward, a Jedward for those that actually like music… Covers they may have been, but good choices and as the sainted Bob Harris might have said  “mmm, nice”. That’s a complement by the way guys, and for those of you that aren’t of a certain age , and need to find out who Bob Harris is, click here.

Beanward at The Railway Rifle Club, 21 February 2010

Beanward at The Rifle Club, 21 February 2010

Next up, The Rivers Of Sound. Great set of original material.  Some bands wear their influences like badges, these guys take those influences and weave them into something that is most clearly their own. Here’s a press review which pretty much covers all the bases, but all you need to know is, go check them out, you won’t be disappointed.

Rivers Of Sound at The Railway Rifle Club, 21 February 2010

Rivers Of Sound at The Rifle Club, 21 February 2010

Finally, The Black Cabs. Most of you will know that there is a family connection here, so I’ll direct you to an earlier post I made about the band. Suffice to say, I think they are a great band, with a fine mix of originals and covers. Lets leave it at that…oh and a big thanks for letting me sing with them.

Si, si, je suis un rockstar!! 21 February 2010

Si, si, je suis un rockstar.... 21 February 2010

And one final thing. For those of you that didn’t make the gig, there’s still time to donate to the cause on line here…

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