Kadu Flyer…

Well here we go then. One final post before leaving…. A confirmed flight certainly focuses the mind, and so it’s destination Kathmandu on Sunday 28 March. Done the theory, now its time for the practical!! Packed and repacked to check that I’m within my weight allowance, so I’m reasonably certain that everything I think I need will fit. Essential item number one is acoustic guitar plus flight case, which weighs in at 5.6kg! I may leave the jar of marmite at home…

Kathmandu Street Scene. Photograph by Pavel Novak (2005)

Link to Creative Commons license for use of this image.

Here’s the plan for the next 8 weeks of  ‘in country’ training. First week or so in a guest house in Kathmandu, meeting with other volunteers, and commencement of language and cross-cultural training. Then off to a training centre in Budol, about an hour out of Kathmandu.(Budol itself is close to where my placement will be in Banepa. A quick glimpse at the google satellite image here gives a good indication of the geography).

Three weeks there and a further  two weeks in a village nearby to get a better understanding of how the majority of Nepali people live,before returning once again to Kathmandu. After which…placement.

IT connection permitting, the next post should be from Nepal in a couple of weeks.

In the meantime, here’s a link to Roy Harper’s “One Of these Days In England” on the Old Grey Whistle Test back in 1977, “back when I were a lad…”

Cue Hovis advert…

…and Kadu Flyer? It’s the title of a Hawkwind song from “Astounding Sounds, Amazing Music”. Couldn’t imagine when I first heard it all those years ago that I’d actually be travelling to the source of inspiration of the song…

Love, light and peace….

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