A few background notes…

In country training takes place at the VSO Nepal offices which are located a few miles away from the guest house. Transport is arranged but after an earlier visit there, four of us decide to walk in order to see a little more of Kathmandu…and what an experience it proves to be. It’s around 8 am and the narrow streets are teeming with life. Children on their way to school, vendors with bicycles laden with fruit and vegetables, people about their daily business, and of course vehicles and motorcycles by the score. ( According to one of our briefings the number of vehicles in Kathmandu has risen by 380% in the last ten years, which undoubtedly contributes in no small measure to the high levels of atmospheric pollution in the city).

Kathmandu clearly wakens early in the morning. The store fronts are already open and with every imaginable item available. (As an aside, there is a temporary badminton court which appears from about 6am until 9 am in the square outside the guest house).

Early morning badminton

Early morning badminton. John Callaway 2010

Tea houses are already full and people are beginning to gather at temples and shrines en route. Every available space in the densely packed buildings seems to be used for something. As a precursor to our security briefing, trying to imagine how Kathmandu would fare in an earthquake proves to be a salutary exercise…

Street Scene, Kathmandu. John Callaway 2010

Street Scene, Kathmandu. John Callaway 2010

Nepal’s new constitution should be written by May 2010, and seemingly isn’t going to be.The 2006 April Uprising opened doors for Nepal to move forward as a democratic republic, placing the power in the people’s hands. Writing a new constitution which secures the rights of all the sectors of the Nepali society and creates the framework for establishing a federal system is the major challenge for the present government.

…and so in country training continues….


5 responses to “A few background notes…

  • carol

    Sounds amazing and a world away from Alresford. Love the photographs. X

  • Klownwolf

    Hey Johnny! .. or john? i enjoy getting these updates even more than i guessed i would, and i dig your site also. The battle rages STONES or Beatles.. although Courtney chimed in for our side, but it’s tied up.. it’s a gas. Tea houses sound interesting, i drink what i call – ‘Cofftea’ : a tall cup of tea with about 2″ of coffee on top.. usually flavoured type beans. Anyway, before i start describing my favourite color socks or some crazy thing, i’ll wish you well and hope to hear from you on forum soon!
    Take care .. ~Klownwolf

  • Lesley Callaway

    I’m really looking forward to seeing it all in October
    Love Lesleyxxxxxxxxxx

  • Jos Kew

    Just read this one too – really interesting!

    Didn’t know Lesley was going to see you in October! Lucky thing…


  • johnnyc1959

    Hi klownwolf. thanks for the comments about the site and content. I’ve checked in with the forum and as you say the debate on the stones and beatles is still a good read. have chucked in my two penn’orth for the stones again.. looking forward to updates on your socks in due course.
    all the best

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