It takes a stranger to understand what the wind says in a strange land…

Two months of living in Nepal, and the scenery is about to change yet again. Tomorrow morning at 8.00am I’ll be heading out of Kathmandu and off to my placement. It feels good to at last be taking another few steps towards doing something which hopefully makes a difference. The framework provided by VSO to ensure that we are equipped with the “survival skills” of language and culture is clearly not the end point. As with life, you only get out what you put in….

Kwa Bahal, Patan

Kwa Bahal, Patan. John Callaway 2010

All of the training amounts to nothing if you don’t fully engage with the country and its people. Particularly in Kathmandu, the tourist trade means that it can be relatively easy to stay in your comfort zone all of the time. Nothing wrong with a comfort zone, but I’ve tried not to allow this to be the default position: and lest anyone is particular concerned, neither am I particularly interested in wearing a hair shirt all of the time!!

Kwa Bahal, Patan

Kwa Bahal, Patan. John Callaway 2010

So, a new dawn, a new challenge, a new(ish) location and a few of my favourite photographs of the past few days…

Woman in doorway, Patan

Woman in doorway, Patan. John Callaway 2010

…and the title of this post? Its taken from Oysterband’s song, “This Year, Next Year”, from their album Ride. My comfort zone from the UK is an i-pod stuffed full of music!!  Sometimes you need to have a slice of “home” with you when you’re away. A little bit of England indeed…

“Oysterband make a modern, folk-based British music, acoustic at heart, sometimes intense, sometimes rocking. Since 1978 they’ve toured in 35 countries  –  festivals, concerts, bars, rallies, jails, bring ’em on!  –  and made 12 studio albums.

Music for the head, the heart & the trousers. And still improving in the bottle”.

…or so their web site says….!!

4 responses to “It takes a stranger to understand what the wind says in a strange land…

  • Lesley Callaway

    You amaze me with some of the things you come out with!!! How have we stuck it out for 24 years??!! At least I can hang curtains!!!!!!!!!!xxxxxxxxxxxx

  • Chris Lawrence

    continue the multi-logue of internal voices and the hair shirt ceases to irritate the skin !
    the visuals are great … good luck with your posting … we’re off to Bordeaux in the morn … if I see you skype online perhaps we’ll chat …

  • Kenneth Patterson

    What a wonderful journey. Do you find yourself adequately readied by your preparations?

  • johnnyc1959

    L.-be prepared for more oblique stratagems.I’ll keep the curtains down ready for you to hang when you arrive later in the year…xxxxxx

    Chris- Hair shirt duly packed away. speak soon hopefully.

    Kenneth- Are we ever fully prepared!! See next post for a partial answer….


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