Without the aid of a safety net…

Time marches inexorably on, and its now some five months since I arrived in Nepal. A placement of two years seems on paper to be a long time. However, working with two different projects over the course of a week more or less halves the time available to both projects. Three days a week with one and two days a week with the other reveals some interesting statistics. I reckon that at the outset of my placement there were 520 days of my time available. However take out an annual leave entitlement of 35 days, (which includes a myriad of Nepali national holidays), and say 15 days per year to cover planned VSO training and any further intimate relationships with my WC, and you are left with around 420 days of work, split between the two projects. 168 days with Navadeep Jyoti Kendra and 252 with Sakriya Plus Nepal suddenly doesn’t seem very long.

...and if we all stand like this, and focus our thoughts....

...and if we all stand like this, and focus our thoughts....

So, with equal measures of relief and and trepidation, I delivered my first piece of major work to the board and staff of Sakriya Plus Nepal. (Navadeep Jyoti Kendra will be recipients of the same in a couple of weeks). I have been building up a picture of the strengths and weaknesses of both organisations since I arrived in Banepa, based on information they have supplied to me. Now to test the theory with a two day workshop which gets staff and board to consider for themselves the issues facing their organisation, and to work with them in identifying areas that they wish to develop. Crucially too, given the current financial circumstances, a plan for securing further funding.

Seven sessions around organisational capacity building over the course of two days, facilitated by me, with translation assistance from a couple of the staff in the tricky bits,seemed to go quite well. I’ve certainly delivered this sort of training before, but not in a different country! Nothing like flying by the seat of your pants I guess! All we’ve got to do now is complete the action plan and make it happen…

Children playing. Lainchaur, Kathmandu. John Callaway 2010

Children playing. Lainchaur, Kathmandu. John Callaway 2010

So I think I earned my trip to Kathmandu this weekend to indulge myself a little. Beer, pizza, watch a bit of premiership football on TV, meet up with a few friends and take a few more photographs of daily life.

Upwards and onwards…

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