Who knows what tomorrow may bring…

Nothing like a bit of uncertainty to focus the mind! Navadeep Jyoti Kendra’s funding has now ended, and until June 2011 the Positive Prevention Programme will be run by Sakriya Plus Nepal. The two Navadeep outreach educators have transferred across, but the three remaining staff are now without paid employment. The Board has agreed to keep funding an office, and after meeting with VSO, I’m going to continue to work with them to try and develop a funding strategy, and maybe to refocus the type of work they do, (funding permitting) with people who are HIV positive.

This is not a metaphor....! John Callaway 2010

This is not a metaphor....! John Callaway 2010

As you would expect, large international non-governmental organisations (INGO’s) such as USAid and Save The Children have strategic frameworks within which they operate, and all funding bids need to be written with this in mind. Funding availability too appears to be at a premium. It doesn’t help too that at a national level, because of the general chaos that is the current Nepali political situation, (no prime minister elected after nine abortive attempts, and as a consequence no national budgets having been set yet), district authorities cannot commit any new resources because they don’t know how much money they will have to spend! The mantra ‘it’s a good idea, but we can’t support it at the moment’ is becoming a familiar one…

He's Got More Than Me...  John Callaway 2010

He's Got More Than Me... John Callaway 2010

I’ve also learned that the project co-ordinator of Sakriya Plus Nepal was unsuccessful at interview for the same role in the new Positive Prevention Programme. I’m not party to the decision making process, but on a personal note I’m going to miss working with Niranjan…as a guide to all things Nepali he has been excelllent. My language development and understanding of Nepali culture is in no small measure down to him, as is my understanding of the inner workings of SPN!

Making The Pieces Fit... John Callaway 2010

Making The Pieces Fit... John Callaway 2010

And so to next week… and a link to a song by Traffic:- “Who knows what tomorrow may bring” seems appropriate enough!

4 responses to “Who knows what tomorrow may bring…

  • Lesley Callaway

    As long as you still have work there…!xx

  • Chris Lawrence

    well mate, never a dull moment !
    The overlap with the Sadhu was quite extraordinary. The pics of him are great … I have met people like him and there is an unmistakable sense of presence that oozes from those who have spent a long life doing a singular thing.
    Struggle and rave on, it will be the best of impossible worlds.

  • Chris Lawrence

    the doors ? I never met a phor I didn’t like !

  • Sara Woodcock

    Hello John

    I’m the Social Media Manager at VSO in the UK. You have some excellent photos on your blog, so I wanted to make sure you knew about the new photo competition VSO is holding.

    It’s open to all VSO volunteers and the winner gets a flip camera. We’ve set up a Facebook page where people can submit their photos.

    Best wishes
    Sara Woodcock

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