The sun ain’t gonna shine anymore…

Winter is really beginning to take a hold now, and theres been a marked drop in temperature over the past month or so. The days too are much shorter and the light has gone by around 5.30pm…and with it the warmth of the sun. Load shedding at the moment is for around 5 hours each day, once in the morning, and once in the late afternoon/evening. For obvious reasons, there’s no load shedding at night when most people are in bed and there’s no real demand for electricity. The net result is, if you’re really lucky, you wake up to no power, and come home from work with no power. But… again, a bit of context….a significant proportion of the population of Nepal don’t have power from the grid at all, and few can afford diesel generators. You begin to understand why in most parts of Nepal, nothing much goes on after nightfall. I often find myself in bed by about 8.30 because its the warmest, and most comfortable place to be!! Click here for some more information about the worldwide links between poverty and energy.

At least I have a rechargeable light...

At least I have a rechargeable light...

Wednesday 1st December was World AIDS day, which in Banepa was marked by a series of events organised by Sakriya Plus Nepal, in conjunction with students of Kathmandu University. A 2km run around the perimeter of the campus, followed a football match which brought together 13 stakeholder organisations including local government offices and NGOs to play with and against People Living with HIV & AIDS. (PLHAs). Sport is most definitely a vehicle for bringing people together and the main objectives were to raise awareness of the impact of HIV & AIDS and to reduce stigma and discrimination by enabling PLHAs to play sport within the wider community. Needless to say, what I lacked in skill was more than made up for by the tough, uncompromising tackling made famous by Ron ‘Chopper’ Harris back in the day!! ( Nowadays, the oft used word ‘robust’ would probably suffice).

Dream Team...!!!

Dream Team...!!!

Afterwards around 200 people attended the conference hall at Kathmandu University to hear presentations about HIV & AIDS, including some by PLHAs sharing their own experiences of being HIV positive.  Also attending were children from 6 schools in the district, who participated in a poetry reading competition on the subject of HIV/AIDS.

Definitely a game of two halves Brian…but an excellent day.

And so to the internal politics of Nepal touched upon last time. In truth, nothing much has happened…the papers are still full of proposal and counter proposal with the usual disagreement/non-acceptance by the other side. I’m reminded of a postcard that I bought back in the early 1980‘s…..

Failing that, some slightly strange, vaguely political (I think) graffitti…

Strange graffitti... John Callaway 2010

Strange graffitti... John Callaway 2010

Plus ca change…

…and the title of this post. Check out the Walker Brothers…

you know you want to.

2 responses to “The sun ain’t gonna shine anymore…

  • mo claydon

    that’s an eyeopener, it puts a lot of our (read ‘my’) petty western concerns and gripes into another dimension!
    (meancoast on blip)

  • dent family

    hope you have a happy Christmas and a good new year . lots of love Sonia Brian and family solent road xxx

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