Through Western Eyes…

Almost nine months here in Nepal, with Christmas & New Year just around the corner. Not sure I’m into the ‘reflective’ narrative, so thought I’d just upload some of the photos that I’ve taken so far, which to me ‘represent’ Nepal. They are amongst my favourite images, and believe me I’ve got a lot!!

Thinking... John Callaway 2010

Thinking... John Callaway 2010

(Edit: 18 December 2010. The black & white version of my photo above has been selected as an author’s favourite for the Street Photography Now Project. I’m made up!!)

I’m planning to travel to Bhairawha next week to spend some time with other volunteers, getting to see a bit more of Nepal. Don’t know yet whether I’m going to take my laptop yet, so this may, (or may not) be my final post of the year…

Talk To Me... John Callaway 2010

Talk To Me... John Callaway 2010

Thanks to everyone who has taken the trouble to read and comment on what I’ve written. It’s really appreciated.

Tea and a doughnut...John Callaway 2010

Tea and a doughnut...John Callaway 2010

And ….as a special festive treat, watch this video !!!

Outdoor Machinist...John Callaway 2010

Outdoor Machinist...John Callaway 2010


Have a good one…

Hard Labour...John Callaway 2010

Hard Labour...John Callaway 2010

4 responses to “Through Western Eyes…

  • Lesley Callaway

    Like the photos. Decided not to watch whinging Bob!! Happy Christmas!xxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxx

  • johnnyc1959

    But its festive…and it’s Bob!! ‘Tis the season of goodwill to all men, women and ageing protest singers…xx

  • Rob Elms

    Just picking up what you said in the post, the photo’s and blog has been really good over the last nine months, keep it going. Wishing you a MErry Christmas and aHappy New Year with a simple message, please no more Dylan,

    Happy days

  • Pam Bush

    Happy Christmas John and a very happy and productive New Year. Sorry I haven’t kept in touch as much as I’d have hoped – access to the work site only is very limiting in what is allowed and whether the network is up and running!! Hope you had a good, albeit very different, christmas. We look forward to hearing more about your experiences and I’ll try to be more communicative!! Take care Love Pam (and Pauline) xxxxx

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