Return to the brickyard…

I went back to the brickyard today, having been thinking about what I might do with regard to making a long term photography project there. I’m not quite sure what the direction will be, or what the end point will be at the moment, but at the very least, if I raise awareness of what an incredibly tough existence it is for the people who work here, its a start….

Brickwork Labourers. John Callaway 2011

Brickwork Labourers. John Callaway 2011

It was good that a couple of the guys I saw last time recognised me and beckoned me on-site. I’m trying to build relationships rather than take lots of photographs, as I’ve still got the best part of 15 months left. I think that I want to be able to understand a little more about what goes on here, and the only way I’m going to be able to do this is by talking with people…and this takes time…and possibly a little expenditure on my part, as I want to take photographs back to give to them. I’m also trying to consider how I portray things, rather than just ‘point and shoot’.

Balance. John Callaway 2011

Balance. John Callaway 2011

So…what did I learn today? As I said in my last blog entry, the labourers working in the kiln area are all from Bihar in India. There are 47 of them living here in makeshift accommodation built out of the bricks. The villagers around the brickworks make the bricks, and bring them here for firing, after which they become usable in the building trade.

Stacking bricks. John Callaway 2011

Stacking bricks. John Callaway 2011

More words later, but currently on 14 hours a day without power, so a bit of a rush to post this.

To be continued…

Footnote: Follow this link to view high resolution images of the brickworks.

Mules. John Callaway 2011

Mules. John Callaway 2011

4 responses to “Return to the brickyard…

  • Jay

    Hey John – really enjoying taking the journey with you. Photos amazing, moving and thought provoking all at the same time. RE: Brickworks, I couldn’t help but think the poor mules have a tough life too…

  • Lesley Callaway

    Good photos xxxxxxx

  • Sunny

    These look great as usual. Interesting to find out that people from India come to work here… I thought it only worked the other way around.

  • Susan Stewart

    Found this by accident when your daily blip caught my eye a moment ago. Have been spending far too much time at the computer lately, following one intriguing lead after another….. but your photos and commentary are well worth a second and third look… will visit again!

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