Sometimes I wonder why I carry a camera with me every day…and on days like today  you realise why. I talk to people, and sometimes they afford me the privilege of taking their photo…

Bahun Woman. John Callaway 2011

Bahun Woman. John Callaway 2011

Walking back along the main road from Dhulikhel to Banepa, I was beckoned across to a small, two room building on the side of the road. The couple who live there are Bahuns, and despite their high caste status they most certainly have very little income . The husband was breaking coal with a small hammer and covered in coal dust….

Coal Dust... John Callaway 2011

Coal Dust... John Callaway 2011

They tell me that they’ve lived here for around 15 years, having moved from Nagarkot because they couldn’t afford to rent land to grow crops there.

Bahun... John Callaway 2011

Bahun... John Callaway 2011

This is their friend….

…and earlier in the day, possibly my favourite photograph for a while. I’ve posted it as my ‘photo of the day’, but I think the narrative and photograph bears repeating…

Wandering around with a camera means that kids frequently come up and ask for you to take their photograph….usually after they’ve exhausted the litany of requests…’give me chocolate’…’give me $5’….’give me a pen’ .

In truth, I don’t usually mind the requests, as it tends to be a means of communicating. Once you get to know the Nepali language you also realise that the phrase ‘give me’ isn’t them being impolite…its just a literal translation of the Nepali, which doesn’t have please or thank you in it as a matter of course.

The beauty of a digital camera is (a) you can show the kids, (and today their grandparents too) straight away and (b) you can delete the photo later with impunity…

But… I really liked this shot….hear no evil, see no evil, speak no evil (more or less)…

It wasn’t posed, beyond me asking them to squat rather than stand…

One photo...John Callaway 2011

One photo...John Callaway 2011

So…thats why I carry my camera with me…

2 responses to “Humanity…

  • Richard Fincham

    Hi John,

    Great photos and enjoying the blog… I’m back from Nigeria now, its amazing how fast a year goes… Definitely always worth carrying the camera, the impromptu photo shoots are always the best!

    All the best,

  • Jerry Rigg

    As always a very informative narrative. You are indeed a very lucky person to be in the position you are. Keep up the excellent work. Truely inspiring

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