Participatory Mapping

“Maps are more than pieces of paper. They are stories, conversations, lives and songs lived out in a place and are inseparable from the political and cultural contexts in which they are used.”  (Source: A. Warren; 2004. Cited in :    G. Rambaldi: 2005 . ‘Who owns the map legend?’, URISA  Journal, 17: 5–13).

Sketch mapping. John Callaway 2011

Sketch mapping. John Callaway 2011

It is something of a truism I guess, but without some sort of visual representation of an area of land, it can sometimes be difficult to see what the association between land and local communities is. The  ‘stories, conversations, lives and songs ‘ alluded to by Warren (above) may generate a sense of place, but maps can show detailed information of a village layout and its infrastructure, or, on a larger scale a broader understanding of a community’s traditional use areas, including information related to natural resource distribution and territorial boundaries.

Simple…yet effective.

Tilki, Kailali District, Nepal. John Callaway 2011

Tilki, Kailali District, Nepal. John Callaway 2011

More on participatory mapping here.  (“Participatory Mapping as a tool for empowerment” : International Land Coalition)

3 responses to “Participatory Mapping

  • Lesley Callaway

    Good to see you still have time for posts with your visitors still around!!! xxxxxxxx

  • johnnyc1959

    I get up early!!

  • Chris Lawrence

    ’tis the only way to catch the worm … well another fine mess you’ve got yourself into ! Diseases come and go but the land is always with us and therefore lusted after by different generations … mapping and registry is of paramount importance (I’ve been helping in a land ownership ugliness in Anguilla and it’s usually the ones who have lived on it and worked on it that get shafted!) We’re back in NY after almost 3 months in Europa and without internet for the last month of it. Rave on mon ami … later

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