I recently attended the Annual Review of CSRC at Nagarkot. The event brought together staff from CSRC, co-ordinators and activists from around Nepal who are engaged in the land rights movement, members of the National Land Rights Forum and…one volunteer from the UK!

Last year this is what we achieved.....John Callaway 2011

Last year this is what we achieved.... John Callaway 2011

The process is pretty straightforward. There are 8 ‘land rights resource centres’ around Nepal which are essentially the focal points for land rights activities within a given geographical area. (For instance, the districts of Kanchanpur and Kailali in the far west, which I visited recently are part of Resource centre 1:-  स्रोत केन्द्र एक ). The format comprises each centre presenting its achievements against targets set in the previous year’s action plan, highlighting  the successes within the movement, and having someone from the area describing their personal  experiences. There is also pretty rigorous scrutiny and discussion from the floor, which means that no stone is left unturned…

If there was any doubt whatsoever about the commitment and drive of those involved in the land rights movement, you only have to look at the timetable…

Saturday            10 am until 8 pm

Sunday                 8 am until 8 pm

Monday               8 am until 10 pm

…and its pretty much all in Nepali, (written & spoken)….

A personal account... John Callaway 011

A personal account... John Callaway 2011

Its at times like this that I’m pleased that I’ve applied myself reasonably well to learning the language…even if some of the detail becomes a little difficult to follow. The adage ‘repetition, repetition, repetition, repetition’ is a good one as certain words begin to appear regularly in presentations…and slowly, like a dripping tap begin to embed themselves in my consciousness. Sufficient to feel able to make a fair amount of my own presentation in Nepali…

जय भुमि….

One response to “Validation…

  • emmaustrekker

    Dear John,
    Subha bihana! I have subscribed to your post a few months ago, and may I say that I am blessed by your commitment for the good cause of this lovely people. They are worthy of every ounce of your generous commitment. Each time I open my email to find your new post brings a good amount of excitement. May the Lord be continuously gracious to everyone and to your work.

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