Here we go again….

In the light of other events worldwide, the saga of Nepal’s governance isn’t receiving much, (if any) international news coverage. The government has just registered a Bill in the House seeking a fresh three-month extension of the Constituent Assembly (CA) a week ahead of the CA’s term expiry on August 31. The move generated criticism from the main coalition partner, UCPN (Maoist). The Maoists want a six-month extension at the very least…and guess what…they walked out of the process.

Maoist leaders boycotted the Cabinet arguing that a three-month extension would be insufficient and added that an additional six months would be required for completing the statute drafting. During discussions with leaders of the ruling parties, Prime Minister Khanal had responded positively to calls by Maoist leaders for a six-month term extension but was forced to backtrack following pressure from his party, CPN-UML.

At an all party meeting called ahead of the Cabinet meeting, the main opposition Nepali Congress elected not to attend on the basis that  “…the government claims to command a two-thirds  majority in the parliament, so there was no relevance…(in our attending).”

Meanwhile, the peace process remains in limbo, with no decision regarding the integration of Maoist combatants into the Nepal Army seemingly being achievable…

Sounds familiar?

See here!!

Meanwhile, marvel at the somewhat surreal mural that has appeared on the wall of the British Embassy, as part of a ‘celebration’ of next year’s  Olympic Games in London….

Anyone for tennis? John Callaway 2011

Anyone for tennis? John Callaway 2011

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