On visiting the Korean Monastery, Lumbini….

“Lotus like, and imperfect, I sit

As darkness becomes visible

Leaving only the shadow play of swaying lanterns

And the flickering of candlelight

And in the silence, a gong resonates

The mysteries of physics and harmonics.

Chants and incantations in another tongue

Offer endless possibilities and pathways…”

JC. 28 September 2011

John Callaway 2011

John Callaway 2011

7 responses to “On visiting the Korean Monastery, Lumbini….

  • Derek hall

    We were really looking forward to 2 days in Lumbini when we were over there, however it was not to be after an incident in the elections caused a total Bhanda & no movement at all was allowed from nearby districts, so we had to turn back & miss it 😦

  • akke antje

    And i was there when the gong started to sound, and you started to change. 18 months already of happy sharing, thanks a lot John for being a wonderfull friend.

  • abirdoffthewire

    beautiful poem and imagery

  • Chris Lawrence

    Basho and the boys would be proud … and after there is always a lot of wood to chop and water to carry ……..

  • Tiffany Purn

    John – this is beautiful.

  • Rabindra Adhikari

    Beautiful !
    I like Lumbini a lot. Even though I am Hindu by birth, I feel a special energy wandering around the place. I am an agnostic by belief but love culture, archaeology and religious philosophy. Being in Nepal I have been to Lumbini over a dozen times but I feel like it is never enough. The place has special energy and the surroundings certainly harbors peace and tranquility. The place is a world heritage site and is for people for all walk of life and religion.

  • johnnyc1959

    Hi Rabindra

    Thanks for your kind words.


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