Women and agriculture

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A 21st Century true story…

Field work... John Callaway 2011

Field work... John Callaway 2011

“Women constitute 51.6% of (Census 2001) the total population of Nepal. Their contribution to agricultural production is 60%. The share of total landholdings owned by women is only 10.8%. The average size of their land is just two thirds of that of an average male holding. Only 4% of households have female ownership of both house and land (census 2001). The Land Reform Commission has recommended that the government introduces comprehensive land reform measures, including increased women’s rights in respect of land.

The Interim Constitution (2007) has provided equal rights to parental paternal property between men and women. However, there is a disparity between the legal recognition of a claim, its socio-cultural recognition, and enforcement of the claim. A woman may have a legal right to inherit property, but this may remain a paper exercise if the claim does not have socio-cultural legitimacy or if the law is not enforced. There is also a distinction between ownership and effective control of land. It is sometimes assumed that legal ownership carries with it the right of control, but, legal ownership may be accompanied by restrictions on disposal by socio- cultural norms and practices…..”

Field work (II). John Callaway 2011

Field work (II). John Callaway 2011

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