Sing the song of the moment…

Happy New Year…and thanks to all who stopped by, liked or commented…. 🙂
"The moment..." John Callaway 2011

"The moment..." John Callaway 2011

“Sing of the fleeting smiles that vanish and never look back;
Sing of the flowers that bloom and fade without regret.
Weave not in memory’s thread the days that would glide into nights.
To the guests that must go bid God-speed, and wipe away all traces of their steps.
Let the moments end in moments with their cargo of fugitive songs…”                                                                    

4 responses to “Sing the song of the moment…

  • empressalice


  • Rebecca

    It’s been an absolute pleasure reading your posts, learning about Nepal, and admiring your wonderful photography. Long may it continue! Happy New Year. Rebecca

  • Andy 'Swappers' Swapp

    Once again Johnnie, a masterly and beautiful photograph twinned with the wonderful quote from Tagore makes for a great combination. I just had to stop by and say so! Bestest of bests & here’s wishing you all the best of the season for now and the coming year Andy S

  • Pam B

    Happy New Year John!
    I understand from Lesley that you’ll be coming home in March so enjoy the last few months of your amazing experience!
    Take care Love Pam xx

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