Peace falls like dropping snow…

Not my words, but they need to be read.

From today’s Republica

No other comment necessary.


Hope. John Callaway 2011

My fellow Nepali friends, First, I want to ask you one question: Who is your friend, or foe? Do you know? Whose vehicle was it that you torched down in the banda and whose is it that you plan to burn down next?

By the way, have you ever helped your mom light her stove? My friends, against whom are you raging or for whom? Any idea? Tomorrow, all of us have to walk up and down that same potholed road, ride the same buses and breathe the same air. 

Aren’t we all same, sharing one common fortune of being Nepali? Did you ever think that instead of swearing and screaming on roads for no apparent reason – apart from some fun – you could’ve taught a girl who’s never been to school how to read and write? Or even record the books for the blinds, like one of my friends has been doing. 

There are thousands of better things you can do to help build the house rather than going on a rampage of destroying it. Does this ever cross your mind of the good you can do?

My friends, I urge you to think deeply about what you believe in. Again, the same question, but have you now realized who is your friend or foe, because the only people you are hurting are fellow Nepalis and Nepal.

My friends, I want to remind you all that in these last 10 years, when the world leapt miles ahead, we were left far behind. Deep injuries sustained in the civil war still hurt……’        [Barsha Paudel]

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One response to “Peace falls like dropping snow…

  • rastaphoto

    This is an extremely complicated matter it seems. i agree that the best way to build a future is to help your next. At the same time protest is necessary to fight against what you believe to be injustice.
    A combination might be good. helping your next and also peaceful protesting?
    From reading the comments to the article I see I know little about the state of Nepal today, but I wish to learn.
    i hope you keep me updated during your last moth.
    peace and perfect love!

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