Preparing for life in the fast lane…

The last few weeks have rushed by and the journey is almost over. The process of ‘letting go’ is reinforced by the impending arrival of the next cohort of volunteers, and by reading the weekly newsletter from VSO Nepal which highlights events in the calendar which will take place after my departure. The trip to the police station to get my ‘letter of good  conduct’, closing my Nepali bank account, the scheduling of an exit interview and preparing to move out of my flat after the weekend, all milestones to be passed.

Life in the fast lane... John Callaway 2012

Life in the fast lane... John Callaway 2012

Unsurprisingly perhaps, it is the goodbyes which are a little more difficult. To live in a country and a culture that is not your own, you need to build for yourself a network of support and friendship. People that you trust, and who share and understand the good, the bad and the ugly sides of Nepal. Some of those people have already left to return home, some are staying, either because their work isn’t finished yet or because they were born here. Some like me, are preparing to leave. They too have been part of the journey…

4 responses to “Preparing for life in the fast lane…

  • Pam Bush

    Mixed emotions I’m sure! Good luck for your last few days and for settling back into your ‘past’ life!! Look forward to hearing from you.
    Love Pam xx

  • Andy

    Wonderful stuff Johnny! As ever heartfelt and illuminated by a wonderful photo. Hope your leaving is as painless as can be. “Letter of good conduct”? From the police? Do you get to keep it? Sounds worth framing! I’ve always wanted one of those! Bestests
    P.S. thanks for the comment on the “Fish” posting! Couldn’t resist!

  • garethhgeorge

    good luck john, hope it all goes well, we met ziggy yesterday he’s a little bag of fun, all the best, gaz and cath

  • Tiffany Purn

    John, thinking of you….I have a glimpse into what this might feel like for you. I wish you ease within the transition. And especially….to not jump into the fast lane back home *too* soon. We need to create more slow lanes in the west…. Much love and safe travels, Tiffany

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