Time to wake up…

Good to know that we have an objective view of water here in the UK…

The South East of England gets a hosepipe ban because the UK has had one of its worst droughts since 1976. It doesn’t prevent us from using water from the taps for washing, drinking and food preparation. On World Water Day (March 2012) there were still some 783 million people worldwide living without access to safe water. Meanwhile, here in the south east  ‘…customers will no longer be able to use their hosepipes for watering their gardens, washing cars or boats, hosing down patios and paths, and filling swimming pools, ponds, fountains and paddling pools. Public parks and allotments will also be hit…[Source: Press Association]

Water pump, Kanchanpur District, Nepal. John Callaway 2011

Water pump, Kanchanpur District, Nepal. John Callaway 2011

Whilst water companies shouldn’t be let off the hook because of poor management, poor infrastructure and on many occasions an inability to prevent large scale leakages, perhaps its time for people to take a little more personal responsibility for how they use water here.  Headlines such as “Water mess! Leaks, hosepipe bans, rising prices… and fatcats siphon away millions..” [The Mirror. 5 April 2012], are all too predictable, and simply fuel the belief that it’s other people, and not our responsibility as well…

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