Zelfportret van een ander…

One of the things that two years living in another country does is allow time to reflect on how things are, and to try and understand a little of what the contemporary Dutch poet Cees Nooteboom refers to as the storm that is the world…

‘Maybe the real traveller is always in the eye of the storm. The storm is the world; the eye is that with which he views it. In the eye it is quiet and anyone who is in that place can make out things that pass by people who stay at home.’

Cees Nooteboom

And so it was that a couple of weeks ago I was lucky enough to meet up in Amsterdam with a number of others that been in the same ‘eye of the storm’ as me during my time in Nepal…

Het Scheepvaartmuseum, Amsterdam. John Callaway 2012

Het Scheepvaartmuseum, Amsterdam. John Callaway 2012

I wrote a few weeks ago about going to the VSO returning volunteer weekend and the process of my  ‘reintegration’ back into the west. None of that has changed really, but the opportunity to reminisce, drink beer and share time together takes on another dimension…

So a suitably oblique bit of ‘found’ graffiti from the weekend….

Infinity... John Callaway 2012

Infinity… John Callaway 2012

And finally, as those of you who read this blog from time to time will know, I have a tendency to allow music to seep into these pages. This one’s pretty self explanatory I think, but the last two lines are particularly important. Thanks to Linda and Koen for making it happen and for doing just what the song says… 🙂

Oh I just came back from Haarlem
On the very last day of Autumn
Made it through the customs, took the bus into town…

…The Dutch people were friendly
You know they put me up and they fed me…’

Al Stewart

…and thanks to Akke-Antje, Dorieke, Karel, Liffy, Lucie & Robert for just being….

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