Temple Beautiful…

Do you believe in rock & roll…and can music save your mortal soul…?

Hell yeah…if it’s made by Chuck Prophet & The Mission Express…

“…Her mind was dirty but her hands were clean at the Temple Beautiful

Two guitars, bass and drums at the Temple Beautiful…”   [Chuck Prophet]

Chuck Prophet @ Southampton. John Callaway 2013

Chuck Prophet @ The Cellar, Southampton. John Callaway 2013

Best gig of the year so far? Maybe….

Check them out people…you won’t be disappointed.

As Mr Strummer & his revolutionary cohort once said…

“This is a public service announcement ….with guitars…”


2 responses to “Temple Beautiful…

  • Dave Seal

    Hi jc. Swappers just sent me a link…cos we have Chuck in common.
    One of the modern greats.
    I trekked down to Islington from Sheffield last week to see a wonderful show
    You’re back then??

  • johnnyc1959

    Hi Dave…cheers for stopping by. Excellent show marred only by the fact that it appears that someone stole Chuck’s song/lyric/note book …

    Been back just over a year now… but perpetual itchy feet!



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