A new tyranny…?

As humanity finds itself measured , weighed and found wanting by those who would rather see progress as a means of saving money, a few telling words by Harry Smith, a 90 year old Second World War RAF veteran….

“Today… in a world where our reservoirs of wealth are as deep and enormous as all the mighty rivers of the world combined, our politicians, financial institutions and megalithic industries tell us we can no longer afford the… human rights that men sacrificed their lives for: the freedom to live with dignity in a compassionate society. We are told by those in charge that we can no longer live with luxuries like healthcare, proper state funded pensions, decent wages, trade unions and most aspects of our social safety network”.

For the full article, click here.

Don’t allow yourselves to be kept in the dark…..

Kept in the dark... John Callaway 2013

Kept in the dark… John Callaway 2013

One response to “A new tyranny…?

  • Swappers

    Great piece thanks Johnny – re-posted this on F/b on the strength of this . . . Mind you, always felt a bit of a shroom meself!
    Like rhubarb too always felt a little left in the dark . . . But do we flourish there?

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