Are you sure Frank done it this way…

A slight detour from the usual subject maybe…but a lead-in to where things might be going for a few posts at least. There’s been something of a recurring theme in what I’ve written recently with regard to the notion of ‘imagined communities’ and  the way in which narratives sometimes get constructed around a set of ideas which are themselves shaped by received wisdom and knowledge.

In recent weeks I’ve been looking through boxes of photographs which have been stored in the loft since my mother died in 1998. It’s not that I’ve been reluctant to look at them, rather its been a case of what to do with them. Its not so much the weddings, christenings, new nephews and nieces that make up a large proportion of the photographs;- they are largely familiar, and usually annotated quite well. It’s the photographs from a bygone era which bear no name or date, and yet which must have meant something to my parents.

Which leads me to Frank Sinatra….

Frank (I)... [Date and photographer unknown]

Frank (I)… [Date and photographer unknown]

In amongst the boxes I found these two photographs of Frank. There is nothing to suggest when or where they were taken. (Hayworth may mean something..but not to me). Time to construct a narrative…

Frank (II) ...  [Date and photographer unknown]

Frank (II) … [Date and photographer unknown]

More to follow…

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