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In the light of the the recent Ralph Miliband saga, thought I’d re-post this from 2012….

I might not always have agreed with him, but I do consider myself lucky to have been taught by him. Sad that some sections of the press appear to have lost the ability to offer critique rather than contempt…

Ideas & images from Portsmouth and beyond

Well I now have a job so (maybe) the rambling will stop! But first of all, a story that might well have been entitled “Bob, Patti & Me”…but I’m not that crass ….! So, here I am atLeeds University in 1978 studying economics and politics, for reasons that had as much to do with having no clear idea of what I wanted to do, as they had to belief and idealism. [As an aside, my tutor was Ralph Miliband, father of you know who…]. An extract from an article by Andy McSmith in the Independent (September 2010) probably sums up best the influence he had on my thinking. “Having completely mastered English, he wrote in a straightforward style that made him a more accessible thinker than the average left-wing intellectual. Students who met him were also impressed by his unpretentious manner and his love of teaching”

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