How much these walls have seen…

“Winter will pass, spring will come again, and then you won’t be here any
more, you’ll be pulled down. How much these walls have seen…”

[From ‘The Cherry Orchard‘ by Anton Chekov]

Lumps Fort now forms part of Southsea Rose Garden. The “current” fort was built in the mid-to-late 1800s, but it has been a fortification since at least as far back as 1805, possibly dating back centuries. The fort’s main claim to fame was serving as the training facility for Operation Frankton, where, in 1942, a team of Royal Marines executed a commando raid on the German-occupied port of Bordeaux.  Not that any of this is immediately obvious…

Blind bliss... John Callaway 2014

Blind bliss… John Callaway 2014

But it does feed my obsession for doors and brickwork….

Chemical dust and rust it is then.

Lumps Fort.... John Callaway 2014

Lumps Fort…. John Callaway 2014

One response to “How much these walls have seen…

  • swappers

    Wonderful as ever and endlessly fascinating JohnnyC. The pdf on Lumps Fort mentions 16thC fortifications! Staggering. The graffiti fascinates not least for it’s misspelling that holds my eye and doubtless irritates the heck out of everyone else who will read it!?! I like especially “prosteststing” but “condriction” it almost should be a word but did the writer mean ‘contradiction’ do you think? These, amongst many MANY others, are reasons why I get thrown off other folks’ forums and web-pages!
    I will revert to flattery but as you know I admire with wonder your brilliantly beautifully seen photographs Johnny and these are NO exception!
    I admire and am so jealous of your wondrous blog!
    a Fan
    Swappers as ever . . .

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