Paris unadorned…

In 1946 Ed Clark photographed Paris for LIFE magazine. The accompanying narrative described the photographs as  “… the Paris of the Parisians — and of anyone else who will take her. She is unadorned, somber and beautiful. Most of the pictures were taken in mist or rain, when the sharp, clean lines of the city’s spires and the bridges pierce through a curtain of gray. This is the Paris that neither Germans nor GIs could change. Even in the age of the atom bomb, she is as indestructible as the river”. 

In 2014 it still feels right to portray Paris in black & white…..

“The bridge barely curved that connects the terrible with the tender”  [Rainer Maria Rilke]

Passerelle Solferino. John Callaway 2014

Passerelle Solferino. John Callaway 2014

“Bridges as metaphors
Leading to something, or to someone
Star crossed lovers, or lovers crossing over…” 

[JC February 2014]

Rue De L'Aqueduc. John Callaway 2014

Rue De L’Aqueduc. John Callaway 2014

Sometimes its enough just to have walked the streets that were once home to one of the world’s greatest photographers, and to hope that just a little bit of his magic rubbed off…

Product placement... John Callaway 2014

Product placement… John Callaway 2014

…and if all else fails, there’s always Lady Gaga….

“Can’t read my….poker face” 🙂

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