“Trees are poems that earth writes upon the sky. We fell them down and turn them into paper, that we may record our emptiness” [Kahlil Gibran]

Fallen. John Callaway 2014

Fallen. John Callaway 2014

When is a tree not a tree? When it’s a biodiversity unit’…

Calculate the number of units that your project will end up destroying, and then pay for that number of units to be recreated or preserved somewhere else. These can then be joined up into ‘habitat banks’, providing larger and better habitats. The idea of offsetting is therefore seen as a means of maximising the ecological usefulness of the compensation and mitigation measures required as conditions of planning permission, resulting in ‘no net loss of biodiversity’ from the sale of these credits…

Seems reasonable. But there’s a strong suggestion that these arrangements are failing, and rather than providing strategic ecological networks, give us little more than “sad little bits of unloved green space that serve as habitats only for abandoned shopping trolleys…”

 [Mike Hannis “Unnatural Capital”

Coppice John Callaway 2014

Coppice John Callaway 2014


“There has never been a better time for senior decision makers to exercise leadership that will make a difference both to business and the planet.

The World Forum on Natural Capital is a focal point for business leaders and others to explore the full implications of this rapidly evolving issue, with the aim of turning the debate into practical action. Breakout sessions are organised in four streams to enable you to tailor your programme entirely to your professional needs. You can move freely between the four streams, which focus on the financial sector, the supply chain, primary industries and infrastructure, and collaboration between sectors”.

[World Forum On Natural Capital: Edinburgh 2015]

Noose...? John Callaway 2014

Noose…? John Callaway 2014

…and not a mention of people, community or public involvement…

The corporate noose continues to tighten around us….

Footnote: Photographs are of Hassocks Copse near Alresford

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