Fade to nothing…

Found graffiti in Southsea….

Time for a bit of Rilke…

“…Other people change faces incredibly fast, put on one after another, and wear them out. At first, they think they have an unlimited supply; but when they are barely forty years old they come to their last one. There is, to be sure, something tragic about this. They are not accustomed to taking care of faces; their last one is worn through in a week, has holes in it, is in many places as thin as paper, and then, little by little, the lining shows through, the non-face, and they walk around with that on.”

[Rainer Maria Rilke. “Faces”]

Fade to nothing... John Callaway 2014

Fade to nothing… John Callaway 2014

Couldn’t possibly apply to today’s lying, duplicitous politicians of whatever hue…could it?

One response to “Fade to nothing…

  • swappers

    ‘Barely 40’ and we are stuck with a face!? Sheesh! I have been watching my older man’s face turn into my mother in the mirror ever since, still changing and deteriorating by the day, skin tone and texture slowly (well not so slowly actually) turning into that of a damp crumpled paper bag. Think you got that wrong Rainer!

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