Southampton Guildhall: 10 July 2014

There’s plenty of news coverage about today’s strike/public sector protest… and the Tories plans to undermine future strike action 

Regardless of what you think, this was part of the biggest round of industrial action in the UK for three years….

Draw your own conclusions… I know which side I’m on…

Strike... John Callaway 2014

Strike… John Callaway 2014

And I still believe that music can shape the way that we think…

“When one voice rules the nation
Just because they’re top of the pile
Doesn’t mean their vision is the clearest
The voices of the people
Are falling on deaf ears
Our politicians all become careerists

They must declare their interests
But not their company cars
Is there more to a seat in parliament
Than sitting on your arse
And the best of all this bad bunch
Is shouting to be heard
Above the sound of ideologies clashing

Outside the patient millions
Who put them into power
Expect a little more back for their taxes
Like school books, beds in hospitals
And peace in our bloody time
All they get is old men grinding axes…”

[Billy Bragg: “Ideology”]

Gove out... John Callaway 2014

Gove out… John Callaway 2014

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