Reet Petite and Gone…?

Live, for one last time at The Old House At Home, Milton.

Real ale, good company, live music…and a washboard. Life is good… 🙂

So who are Reet Petite & Gone?

“Well it seemed like a good idea in 1992 when we suddenly needed a name for our first gig- if you’ve ever played in a band you’ll know the agony. At the time we were working on an acapella version of a Louis Jordan song, and Reet Petite & Gone it has been ever since, although there was much discussion early on as to who got to be Gone”

Or so it says on the liner notes of their album “Using That Thing”

Reet, Petite & Gone. John Callaway 2014

Reet, Petite & Gone. John Callaway 2014

Broadstairs Folk Week described them as  “a folk and blues band drawing on skiffle traditions with original re-workings of classic american folk, gospel and blues- expect to hear well known and obscure blues from Skip James to Memphis Minnie, Robert Johnson to Peg Leg Howell…”

When not retiring and playing their last gig in Pompey, they’ve been found at various festivals and clubs doing what they do best….including back in 2001 touring the UK as Country Joe McDonald’s backing band.

So on the off-chance they do another ‘last ever gig’, check them out….

Or to paraphrase a certain Mr Strummer…. 

“This is a public service announcement….with washboards”

Where's me washboard? John Callaway 2014

Where’s me washboard? John Callaway 2014

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