Niets is verloren…

….Nothing is lost.

I have a box of postcards which were acquired by my Dad whilst serving in the Royal Armoured Corps during WWII. He spent much of his time in the Netherlands and in Belgium. He died just before my 13th birthday, and although I now know something of what he did, in truth I don’t recall how much of this he actually told me, and how much I learned after his death, as I became older. Last weekend I walked a little in his footsteps as I visited Ghent in Belgium….

Gent , Belgium circa 1940

Gent , Belgium circa 1940

I cannot reconstruct a past that is not my own

I can only imagine what you might have witnessed

Maybe if I had been older I would have asked you more

Instead, I hoped that I was standing where you might once have been 

And despite being separated by decades, we might have seen the same things

[JC: For Lance Corporal R D Callaway, Royal Armoured Corps]

Sint Niklaaskirk, Gent John Callaway 2014

Sint Niklaaskirk, Gent John Callaway 2014

3 responses to “Niets is verloren…

  • Paddy Eastwood

    Hi John, I have such good memories of your family, mostly from our visit when I was 11. I had forgotten that you were so young when your Dad died. He was such a loving man. Love, Paddy

    Date: Wed, 24 Sep 2014 19:32:53 +0000 To:

  • Gareth

    This is really touching John

  • Chris Lawrence (ogre crowbar)

    Exquisite sentiments, beautifully expressed … I remember your Father very well, chuckling at the foolishness of the world, getting relief from playing cricket and secure in the knowledge of his understanding … I hope you took the the time to see the Ghent altar piece … the most stolen art work of all time by Hubert and Jan Van Eyck ?

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