At the fourth goat, it will be 12.45 am precisely…

Some four and a half years ago I arrived in Nepal for what proved to be a life changing experience….

It’s taken longer than I intended, and the visit is shorter than I’d hoped it might be, but in just over a week I’ll be back in South Asia…

Keep watching for goat related updates…

Ideas & images from Portsmouth and beyond


Well, here I am again then. On line intermittently for the next week or so…Not sure how the blog is going to work yet, but I’ll probably be updating with extracts from the diary that I’m writing, as and when I can…

30th March: Kathmandu.

So…here I sit in bed at approximately 12.45 am in the morning listening to the sounds of nocturnal Kathmandu, and reflecting on my first few hours in Nepal- an experience which has been absolutely unforgettable.

Power is currently ‘on’ in the city. There are daily power ‘outs’ in Kathmandu of several hours at a time and i have already learned that there is a tendency for the power to be on  during the night hours, which in turn means there are less people awake to use it. Unless of course you are a jet-lagged traveller with “a head full of ideas that are…

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