“It’s when your driver starts to read about Gandhi and the Buddha that it’s time to wet your pants.”  

[From Aravind Adiga: “The White Tiger”]

An interesting 24 hours…

Multani Dhanda, New Delhi. John Callaway 2014

Multani Dhanda, New Delhi. John Callaway 2014

No matter what time, you can guarantee one thing at the airport…taxi drivers hassling you for a fare and naturally offering you the ‘best price’. And Delhi proves to be no different, even at 4.20 in the morning. Eventually we settle on a rate, and let the driver know where we want to go…

The place we’re aiming for has a room booked in advance in the tourist and backpacker part of town, so you’d imagine pretty straight forward to find. Road signs are in English & Hindi, and even we can see the name of the area we are going to. But no…our driver has no idea where he’s going, but just happens to know a tourist office (which is open at stupid o’clock in the morning), where he can get directions.

They’ll just ring through and check…but wait, it won’t be possible to go there “because of Diwali”….and our booking has been cancelled. I speak to the ‘hotel’ and he’s very sorry, but that’s how it is at festival time. Naturally the tourist office can find better and cheaper accommodation someplace else…a tempting offer when you’re tired and in a strange city.

But we insist on our original destination, the booking hasn’t been cancelled, and no they haven’t been contacted by anyone…

Back in South Asia….happy days 🙂

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