On reflection…

Returning to Kathmandu, albeit for just a few days, has been a source of some reflection. To walk in familiar places is to call up the ghosts and memories of my living here, and find that they merge and coalesce with the spectres of a more ancient history that seems to lie in the very fabric of the city.

Time pass.... John Callaway 2014

Time pass…. John Callaway 2014

To take a small chowk off the beaten track, away from the chaos, noise, and pollution is to enter into a world where centuries of history are written into walls that are slowly crumbling into dust. Small squares remain a living testament to communities that share the secular and spiritual spaces. Mandirs that are used for the drying of laundry or food, stupas that are a place to sit and reflect, or for children to play on.

Space... John Callaway 2014

Space… John Callaway 2014

To be, however fleetingly, a tiny part of the still unfolding narrative remains a great joy.

To dust.... John Callaway 2014

To dust…. John Callaway 2014

One response to “On reflection…

  • Swappers

    Wonderful shots and deep deep sentiment. I am loving the Tagore quotes as they appear. I may have said Johnny in past life I was involved with an exhibition of the Wayside Shrines of Gujurat in India which was a deeply spiritual event. You are in my thoughts often my friend . Take care over there and keep taking these extraordinary pictures!

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