To the wind…..

After a weekend where reason appears to have gone out of the window, where greed and baser instincts seem to be the principle drivers, maybe its time for a little reflection…

When care and compassion are seemingly in short supply, sacrificed on the twin altars of Black Friday and obscene property speculation; when our political masters pay little more than lip service to making life better for those that vote them into power and when corporate and financial institutions’ only mantra appears to be “what’s in it for me” is the only mantra, maybe its time to fly a different kind of flag…

To the wind... John Callaway 2014

To the wind… John Callaway 2014

So here’s to རླུང་རྟ་, rlung rta…the wind horse…

Something that has the power to promote peace, compassion, strength and wellbeing…

Perhaps in the 21st century there is still a place for Buddhist prayer flags, commonly known as wind horses.

By hanging flags in high places the wind will carry the blessings depicted on the flags to all beings. The prayers of a flag become a permanent part of the universe as the images fade from exposure to the elements. Life moves on and is replaced by new life…,.

A different song... John Callaway 2014

A different song… John Callaway 2014

One response to “To the wind…..

  • swappers

    Once more Johnny wonderful photographs and the most profound statement – – this is a truly wonderful posting! To amuse you and/or add a little balance, I once ran a shop, speaking of commerce and greed through retail, at The Museum of Modern Art front of house here in Oxford and I used a supplier called ‘Windhorse’! they were of course, Buddhists!

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