Desire lines….

This post is primarily a vehicle for (hopefully) raising funds for Oxfam and the Gurkha Welfare Trust. Four of us, plus our 2 man support crew, are aiming to do the Oxfam Trailwalker, a 100km walk between Petersfield and Brighton, over a 30 hour period, in just under 3 weeks time. Partly because we (think we) can, but mainly because both causes resonate…

We know times are tight, but if you can spare a couple of quid, please sponsor us here… 

If only to stop me writing stuff like this….  😉


“Desire lines are paths worn over time through a landscape by people taking the shortest or most desirable route, rather than the one provided for them by planners or designers. They can cut across fields or over busy roads, even between countries. But do they represent a desire to break the bounds of convention, or an instinct to follow the crowd?”

Mark Tully: “Something Understood” [BBC Radio 4]

South Downs National Park (near Upham). John Callaway 2015

South Downs National Park (near Upham). John Callaway 2015

One of the many philosophical questions we may have considered on our ‘practice walks’ to date…

In truth, stick two engineers, a commercial diver and a social worker together over a long distance walk and you can probably guess who tried to get Debord into the conversation…

“In a dérive one or more persons during a certain period drop their usual motives for movement and action, their relations, their work and leisure activities, and let themselves be drawn by the attractions of the terrain and the encounters they find there… But the dérive includes both this letting go and its necessary contradiction: the domination of psychogeographical variations by the knowledge and calculation of their possibilities…” 

[Guy Debord: “Theory of the Dérive“: 1958]

Like Sheep... John Callaway 2015

Like Sheep… John Callaway 2015

Sponsor us now….and prevent more of this…


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