“To the complaint, ‘There are no people in these photographs,’ I respond, There are always two people: the photographer and the viewer.”

Ansel Adams

Walking on the moon...? John Callaway 2015

Walking on the moon…?  John Callaway 2015

Its true…the majority of my landscape photographs don’t contain people…but if its good enough for Mr A, then its good enough for me…

Despite Teide in Tenerife being the most visited national parks in the world, it’s still relatively easy to avoid people once the going gets tough, and the paths are rated ‘extreme’….

6½ hours of walking from the summit back down and only 5 people encountered….in an environment where you can use your own imagination….

Outcrop...John Callaway 2015

Outcrop…John Callaway 2015

In words as dry as the landscape itself, UNESCO describes the area as “a striking volcanic landscape dominated by the jagged Las Cañadas escarpment and a central volcano that makes Tenerife the third tallest volcanic structure in the world. Within this landscape is a superlative suite of landforms that reveal different phases of construction and remodeling of the volcanic complex and highlight its unique geodiversity…

… Teide National Park is an exceptional example of a relatively old, slow moving, geologically complex and mature volcanic system. It is of global importance in providing diverse evidence of the geological processes that underpin the evolution of oceanic islands….”

Jedi missing...? John Callaway 2015

Jedi missing…? John Callaway 2015

Lawrence Durrell  says it so much better….

‘It is a pity indeed to travel and not get this essential sense of landscape values. You do not need a sixth sense for it. It is there if you just close your eyes and breathe softly through your nose; you will hear the whispered message, for all landscapes ask the same question in the same whisper. ‘I am watching you — are you watching yourself in me?’

[Lawrence Durrell: “Spirit Of Place. Letters and Essays On Travel”]

Seek out your own message….

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