The flame still burns…

“I was wrong about God. Turns out he likes that 70’s stuff after all. So it didn’t piss down and they played four encores. And with the almighty in their corner, who knows what might happen. And how will the Fruits conspire to bollocks it up this time around? We wait with bated breath…”

[Hughie. Roadie & General Factotum]

…and so it ends, (happily) with the band Strange Fruit performing “The Flame Still Burns” at the end of the film Still Crazy‘.

Curved Air @ Under The Bridge. John Callaway 2015

Curved Air @ Under The Bridge. John Callaway 2015

Not entirely sure why this went through my head as the lights went down for Curved Air on their 45th Anniversary Show, “Air Conditioning to North Star”…. 😉

Robert & Sonja. JC 2015

Robert & Sonja. JC 2015

A band last seen (by me) on 6 December 1974, just a few years prior to the year zero dictat of the Clash and punk, when for reasons that I understand, (but regret), I sold albums that didn’t fit the template of impetuous youth, non-conformity through conformity, and the views of the Unholy Trinity of Nick Kent, Julie Burchill and Charles Shaar Murray. [Lest you are worried that I actually remember the date, fear not…I recall only that I saw them at the Lanchester Polytechnic in Coventry whilst still at school…technology and a process of elimination does the rest…]

Florian Pilkington-Miksa. JC 2015

Florian Pilkington-Miksa. JC 2015

…and I sold Air Conditioning….

But…yuh learn…

So…41 years we are…and well worth the wait

Robert Norton. John Callaway 2015

Robert Norton. John Callaway 2015

“Yesterday you know it never really happened
Tomorrow you know it never really came
You, you’re only what you think you might be
I am only what you think I am
It happened today..”

[Curved Air: “It Happened Today”]

My Spine Is The Bass Line... John Callaway 2015

My Spine Is The Bass Line… John Callaway 2015

tbc @ 50?

2 responses to “The flame still burns…

  • swappers

    Fantastic Johnnie! I would have posted my appreciation earlier but got lost checking details. I saw Curved Air around the time of ‘Air Conditioning’ which I bought when it came out and would have sworn I saw them at Oxford Town Hall around 1971 but upon checking they don’t seem to list any date there. I am confused and yet while it was early I would have worn to it. Anyway I am checking the Swappers archive and will get back to you. Just wanted to say how I much I dug this post

  • swappers

    . . . or even ‘sworn’ to it!

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