Of…or from…?

“To be of means to listen. To commit to being around, to a robust pragmatism as to what this wider murmuring may require of you. It’s participation, not as a conqueror, not in the spirit of devouring, but of relatedness. I think this takes a great deal of practice. It doesn’t mean you never take a life, live on apples and peas, or forget that any stretch of Earth holds menace and teeth, just as it does the rippling buds of April.

You learn from the grandeur of its shadow as much as the many abundances. To be of means to be in. To have traded endless possibility for something specific. That over the slow recess of time you become that part of the land that temporarily abides in human form. That your delightful curvature and dialectical brogue is hewn deep, wrought tough, by the diligence of your service to the sensual tangle you find yourself in”.

[Martin Shaw: “Small Gods”]


Farlington Marshes. [John Callaway 2017]

 So, within walking distance of home, a  landscape still not conquered….


Reflect… [John Callaway 2017]

A landscape that man has sought to control since the 1700’s…

Gated...? [John Callaway 2017]

Gated…? [John Callaway 2017]

Now read this…

One response to “Of…or from…?

  • swappers

    Wow! Thanks Johnnie! great shots and really fascinating Shaw quote still trying to understand it . . . . it’s very deep! And I am so very shallow!
    But thank you for the link and linkage to Dark Mountain – very much appreciated and will get the compilation I think to see what they are really up to! Thanks and hope all is well . . . .certainly looks it! Bestests as ever

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