How often do we look without really seeing? We might think that we ‘know’ intimately our immediate environment. But do we take the time and trouble to make the seemingly ordinary extraordinary? The places we pass by almost daily without paying attention to, because…well they’re just there….


Tide/Tied…. John Callaway (2018)

“… Do we know our destination, or are we drifting with the tide? Do we take a map, or is getting lost necessary? In a restless, globalised culture which dictates that all places be the same and none of us loyal to a heartland, it is sometimes hard to make ourselves at home on Earth”.

“Mapping  The Edges” (The Dark Mountain Project)

One response to “Tide/Tied….

  • Andy

    Great shot as ever Johnny! Hope this finds you well. The talk of ‘seeing’ and ‘looking’ reminds me of dear John Berger [“Ways of Seeing”] an early hero but also the difference between ‘hearing’ and ‘listening’ if you will. It took me years to understand hence my becoming a counsellor to practice my new found listening skills. Now I wear headphones, turn the music up and close my eyes! Bestests to you

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