Waiting… [John Callaway 2019]

So…we have made our mark on the paper. We have made our choice…

We have…

And what must we do now…?

We wait…here. It is our only purpose…to wait. We have given them the sign of our cross…there is nothing more to be done…

And why do we wait here, in this place of dark shadows and bright light? Do the tracks show us a way forward? Or does the red light tell us that there is no way ahead?

Neither. They tell us nothing, nor show us anything. It is the reward for making our mark. It is a track with no beginning or end…

Have we been here before then?


(With apologies to Samuel Beckett and St Denys Railway Station…)

Heres to 2020…. πŸ™‚

One response to “Waiting…

  • Paul Reed

    Thanks, John, and a Happy New Year to you (he says, with more optimism than he actually feels). One of the high points so far (and over Christmas) is “The Old Ways”; thoroughly engrossing. Regards,



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