First there is a mountain…

Yesterday evening I read the first chapter of Nan Shepherd’s book, “The Living Mountain” in the company of several hundred people, scattered across the world. As I write this morning, there’s just over 1500 people (including me) that have checked in to declare the whys and wherefores of participating in this. The book, written during the Second World War, but first published in 1977, is ‘about’ the Cairngorms, but so much more. It’s a book about a place I’ve never visited, by a writer that, up until a few weeks ago, I have to confess, I’d never read.

“Shepherd spent a lifetime in search of the ‘essential nature’ of the Cairngorms; her quest led her to write this classic meditation on the magnificence of mountains, and on our imaginative relationship with the wild world around us. Composed during the Second World War, the manuscript of The Living Mountain lay untouched for more than thirty years before it was finally published.” [Canongate Publishing]

Those of you that have stopped by this blog will know that landscape features a lot in the photographs that I take, and the writing that sometimes accompanies it. But at a time when the order of the day is, quite rightly, ‘think global, act local’, and the landscapes that we can visit should be but a stones throw away from our front door, the opportunity to ‘virtually’ share thoughts, ideas, pictures and personal experiences feels like a good way to go.

Thanks Robert Macfarlane for getting this on the road…

Thanks to all of my virtual travelling companions, in advance of the next chapter reading.

Love, light and peace from  a  chalk scarp in Portsmouth…

...@ the top of Portsdown Hill

Southern sky… [Image © John Callaway 2020]

One response to “First there is a mountain…

  • northumbrianlight

    A great idea. I should join in being an admirer of Macfarlane and having always meant to read Nan Shepherd’s book. However, I am currently journeying the M25 in the company of Iain Sinclair’s London Orbital and I really mustn’t be distracted 🙂

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