Then there is no mountain…

There’s something richly rewarding about ‘exploring’ a mountainous area that you’ve never been to, in thrall to the words of a writer who is no longer with us, guided by another writer, some of whose books, well thumbed,  sit on my bookshelves and bedside table. Sharing the journey are travelling companions from across the world, who have made the same leap of faith to gather together in the on-line world, to exchange thoughts and ideas. To consider what the book says to us, not just about a mountain, but about landscape, and the way that we see things.

Like all journeys, it sometimes requires a bit of effort, although on this occasion the initial effort, if you haven’t read the previous post,  is simply to follow this link, and those below, if you feel the need for some more context:

#TheLivingMountain: #NanShepherd: #RobertMacfarlane


A mountain of sand…? [Image © John Callaway 2020]

If you’ve followed the links, you’ll realise that the mountains in question are the Cairngorms…so why a photograph of the Solent at Eastney? The reason is simple… Water- the shaper of landscapes. In writing of the Cairngorms, Nan writes that “water is speaking”, and we are invited by Robert Macfarlane to speak, (amongst other things) of the “where and when in your own landscapes, have you been most keenly aware that water is speaking”. 

For me, living in Portsmouth, it is the sea that has spoken most often to and with me. Usually the small coastal inlets, the secret places, the margins  and the outfalls. The places that have a human imprint, but are off the beaten path…Which brings me to Eastney storm outfall (quite a lot as it happens), a sometime meeting place of fresh and sea water.

And in these parts the sea carries its own history, along with the history of those who have put to sea over centuries past.

So a small man made outcrop of concrete and sand, Eastney outfall in the background, and a sea horizon, with small, indistinct shapes in the distance seems, to me at least, to be a place where water does speak…

In these dark times, read more, share more thoughts and ideas, make connections.

To be continued, here and @ #CoReadingVirus

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