More photographs

Bandwidth being what it is, its proving difficult to regularly upload photographs of a sufficiently high standard. (My standards, rather than anyone else’s!). Most recent uploads can be found here and will ordinarily be different to those found on the blog.

Edit: December 2010… OK I lied!!  Haven’t been using the above link much…you’re far better to go to the flikr link on the right hand side of the blog!!

The more eagle eyed of you will have noticed that there are also links to my photography website and flickr on the right hand side of the home page. However you arrive at the photographs, I hope you find them to be an interesting representation of a country that I feel privileged to be living in….

And for completion’s sake here’s what  I intended the photoblog to be, prior to Nepal even being on the horizon…

Pretentious, moi!!!!

If words aren’t your thing, and you just want to see some of my favourite and (in my opinion!) best photographs, arranged thematically, follow this link to my website.

Below is one of a series of photographs inspired by Stephen Shore. If you’ve got this far, here’s an earlier attempt to emulate Shore...

Cala En Porter (c) John Callaway (2009)

Cala En Porter (c) John Callaway (2009)

Photo of the day

Discovered this a while ago. It’s a daily photo-journal site which allows you to upload just one photo per day. I quite like the idea of the discipline of a single shot being a reflection of the more everyday aspects of life…things that don’t always reach the blog.

Anyway, if that kind of thing interests you, click on the logo below for my photo of the day.

Footnote (June 2013):  Discipline not being one of my stronger points, there’s an element of ‘drift’ in the daily photograph! Probably more like bi-monthly photograph since coming back from Nepal…but I’m going for quality and quirkiness over quantity… 🙂

One response to “More photographs

  • jackie

    thanks for description of Kathmandu, seems like a place that grabs all the senses. Is it like the Chinese way of not wasting an inch of space?–but because of over population or lack of habitable land? Have you had any breathing difficulties with the thin air? Hope you are well.

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