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Still life with sunflowers (and shopping trollies)….

Jonathan Richman w/the Modern Lovers: “Vincent Van Gogh”

“Well, have you heard about the painter, Vincent van Gogh
Who loved colour and who let it show?
And in the museum, what have we here?
The most soulful painter since Jan Vermeer

And he loved, he loved life so bad
His paintings had twice the colour other paintings had
So bad that the world had to know
He loved colour and he let it show

In the Amsterdam museum I was feeling bad
Been looking for a way not to be so sad
I felt the feeling from the paintings on the wall
And Vincent van Gogh was with me in the hall…”

Listen here…

Posted this for no other reason than I just liked the composition and the location. Amsterdam, Kings Day 2015.

A moment in time captured forever.

A modern day still life , bookended by Van Gogh and his sunflowers on the wall behind…

Still life...? John Callaway 2015

Still life…? John Callaway 2015